FA News – July 20, 2015

Looks like I am updating sooner than I thought I would be…

CBox, our tag/chat system, look like it is offline this morning (I can’t reach it). I am sure this is temporary.

This is also a good time to mention that in the event the Flashback Alternatives website itself is ever down, I will be using our WordPress site, https://flashbackalternatives.wordpress.com site as an alternate.

Update: The issue isn’t with CBox themselves, it is with one of their upstream providers.  As soon as that issue is resolved, CBox will be back online.



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FA News – July 19, 2015

It’s been a while since the last Flashback Alternatives news update… sorry about that.

So, what’s new?

For starters, we have finished the migration of the broadcast server over to a dedicated server at a data center.  The old FA broadcast server was on its last legs after 10+ years of 24×7 service.  Rather than purchase another server and continue to host at FA HQ, I decided to go with a dedicated server at a data center to ensure maximum uptime for Flashback Alternatives.  While it will be more expensive to operate FA in this manner, I felt the stability of the station was more important than the cost.  I hope of offset some of this expense by also moving the FA Website, which has seen its share of issues with the current web host, over to the new dedicated server.  I am also hoping that ultimately listener contributions will increase with the new stability of the broadcast and web site.

Speaking of the website, that is my next major project.  I will be working on rebuilding the website on the new host over the next few weeks.  Unfortunately, I am traveling quite a bit with my new job, so I am not able to devote as much time as I would like to this project so it will take a bit longer.  My travel has also put a dent in my ability to add new music – but I am working on that as well.  I have at least 250-300 CDs to convert and upload to FA – in the ballpark of 2500-3000 additional tracks.  This will continue to make the FA library one of the largest (if not THE largest) fully requestable internet radio music libraries in the Classic Alternative genre.

One good aspect of all my traveling is that I have been able to listen to FA in my rental cars via Bluetooth.  I have been using the Live365 mobile app and I must say that there have been hardly any places where I have not been able to receive a solid signal on Verizon – and this is tuning in to the 128kb stream.  It also helps to have unlimited data 🙂  FA sounds great in the car…  who needs satellite radio 🙂

In other news, I have been making some changes to the current website:

  • I am in the process of transitioning the old Forums over to WordPress.  The Forums were not really used, and Word Press will allow FA another avenue into reaching listeners.  The FA News area and Artist of the Month areas have been transitioned.  The FA DJ’s are in the process of creating their own WordPress pages for their shows, which will be linked on FA as well.  You can reach all FA WordPress pages by hovering over the FA Blogs Menu item.  In addition, the FA News site will also show all of the WordPress Postings.
  • I added a new FA Contribution module.   I am still working out some of the configuration options, and will also be discussing whether contributors would like to see their usernames in a scrolling Contribution area on the site.  Many sites do this, but I will leave it up to everyone if they want to have this option enabled.
  • I have updated the SAM2Joom software which powers the Now Playing, Advanced Request, Dedication, and some other areas of the site.  There are still bugs, including getting the Now Playing colors to show correctly, but the developer is committed to getting all of these resolved soon.

That about wraps things up for now.  I will try to keep the FA News updated on a more frequent basis.

As always, thanks for listening to Flashback Alternatives!