FA News – May 12, 2016

Radionomy News

As many of you are unfortunately aware, Radionomy has Geo-blocked some countries from tuning in to Radionomy streams.  They have communicated very little about what is going on.  This is just the latest of many recent issues with the Radionomy platform.  What started out looking like a good platform for Flashback Alternatives has quickly deteriorated.  In fairness to Radionomy, not all of their issues are their fault, but similar to what was going on towards the end of Live365, communication to the broadcasters about what is happening is piss poor.   So, effective this weekend (probably Friday night), we will be switching our live streams over to a new streaming host in conjunction with licensing via Stream Licensing.  We will be offering  128kb MP3 and 64kb ACC+ streams.   StreamLicensing itself was recently purchased by a radio group but they have said that things will not change – other than the insertion of a pre-roll ad prior to a stream launching.  There will be NO in stream ads.

I will also be maintaining a non-live feed of FA on Radionomy  – mainly because I have iTunes listings pointing to it, but also in case I need to return to Radionomy with the live feed.  I am going to try and have the old Live365 iTunes listing pointed to the new 128kb stream (it still points to a non-existent Live365 stream) as well as get relisted on Tunein.


Some may remember that we use StreamLicensing a few years back prior to moving back to Live365.  StreamLicensing requires all streams to launch from their domain for licensing and royalty purposes.  There will be no direct links to the streams from the FA website.  This just means one extra click.  StreamLicensing does have an HTML player and mobile apps as well.

With the move to becoming quasi-independent again, our costs are going to go up dramatically.   I am hoping to find additional listener support now that the station will be commercial free (although I do have requests to keep the Jill in the Forest PSA.. not).

In addition, I plan to limit listening to 8 hrs – after which you will have to restart the stream.  This is to keep costs down.  I don’t mind paying for actual listeners, but would rather not pay for empty chairs.   Streamrippers will also be blocked and banned.

FA 9:00pm Shows

As a result of moving back with StreamLicensing and not having to worry about commercials, all FA shows will be able to return to a 1 hr format with no interruptions.   It might be a week before everyone can get there shows back into a one hour format, but this will be a welcome change for all.

That’s all for now, and as always, thanks for listening to Flashback Alternatives.




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