FA Alert – March 17, 2018

iTunes Listing No Longer Working

As we have terminated our relationship with SonixCast this morning, the Flashback Alternatives iTunes listing no longer works.  While FA is alive and well at Torontocast, iTunes is no longer making any modifications to its Internet Radio listings so I cannot have the listing changed.

There are plenty of other ways to tune in to FA, including using iTunes.  In iTunes, you can use Open A Stream and enter http://bluford.torontocast.com:8571/192.   This also works for many other players.  Of course, we are also listed at TuneIn as Flashback Division, and I am working on getting us listed again as Flashback Alternatives.

If you use any other internet directories where Flashback Alternatives is listed but does not work, please let me know at djed@flashbackalternatives.com, and I will reach out to the provider with the correct information.

As always, thanks for listening to Flashback Alternatives!