FA Alert – March 14, 2017

Quick update:

We are on-the-air and broadcasting on the 128kb stream.  We are still having issues with the 192kb and 64kb AAC+ streams.  Please use the 128kb stream from either the Flashback Alternatives or Flashback Division websites.

You can also find the 128kb stream on the Shoutcast and IceCast directories (search for Flashback Division).   In addition, until the 192kb and 64kb stream issues are resolved, I will be redirecting our iTunes listing to the 128kb stream.

Thank you for your patience.



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FA Alert – July 4th, 2016

Web Site and Broadcast Server Issues

Over the weekend we migrated to a new broadcast server and a new temporary website.  We had the new broadcast server up and running for a few weeks without issue, but issues were uncovered shortly after we went live on Saturday.

We are still working on the root cause of the issues, but it does seem the temporary website might be source of the problems.

As a result, we have taken down the temporary site and are redirecting to our WordPress site as a backup.  On the right side (and below) are links to the streams, as well as to the Tag Board.

I hope to have the new website up within a few days.  Until then, there will be no request system available.   I am working on a temporary Now Playing / Just Missed link.

I apologize for any inconvenience.


Tune In 192kb MP3

Tune In 64kb AAC+

Tag Board (Chat)

As always, thanks for your patience, and for listening to Flashback Alternatives!


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FA Alert – 6/17/16

We are currently having issues with the Flashback Alternatives website.  Our hosting provider has been alerted.

The site is very slow to load, when it loads at all.

We are working on moving the website to our own dedicated server over the coming weeks.

In the event you can’t reach the website, you can tune in via iTunes, TuneIn.com. Shoutcast.com, or via the following links:

Thank you for your patience.


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