FA News – May 17th, 2016

Radionomy Update

This morning, after careful consideration, I decided to completely delete the Radionomy FA station.   This is to ensure that there is no mistake about FA’s legal status with licensing and royalty agencies.  All FA streams are licenced with StreamLicensing.

The downside to this is that we do have iTunes listings that will continue to point to non-existent streams, and anyone tuning it via iTunes will be directed to another station in the directory.  I have contacted iTunes about pointing our old Live365 listing to our 128kb StreamLicensing stream.  I am hopeful they will be able to make that change sooner rather than later.  I have also contacted TuneIn and asked them to relist FA (all three bitrates) now that we are no longer part of Radionomy.

Tuning In To Flashback Alternatives

There has been some confusion about how to tune in to Flashback Alternatives.  Until our listings are updated (or re-added) with services like iTunes and TuneIn, you will need to tune in via the FA website Play Now! buttons.  Clicking on a PlayNow! button will bring you to our StreamLicensing page where you can either use their web player (HTML5 – not Flash) via the Click To Play icon



You can also use you can launch the stream in a player of your choice by clicking on “Tune in using your favorite external media player click here“.  That will bring up this window where you can select your player:


Lastly, if you open the Flashback Alternative website on a Smart Phone/Tablet and click on one of the Play Now! buttons, you will see the To Download And Listen Via IOS or Android Click Here link.  That will start the download of the StreamLicensing mobile app – with FA as the default station.

You can also tune in to Flashback Alternatives via the StreamLicensing directory.

If you have any question about how to tune in to Flashback Alternatives, please contact me here.

As always, thanks for listening to Flashback Alternatives!



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FA News – May 14th, 2016

FA Returns To Stream Licensing

As of Friday night (5/13/16) Flashback Alternatives has moved its live stream from Radionomy to Stream Licensing.   If you visit the Flashback Alternatives website you will see the new listen links.  The links will open to a separate listen page on the Stream Licensing domain.  Right now this is a generic page.  I will be working on the custom listen page this weekend.  This separate listen page is required to stay compliant with the various licencing and royalty agencies.

We are offering 192kb MP3, 128kb Mp3, and 64kb AAC+ streams.  192kb and 64kb streams have limited slots.  The 128kb stream is to be considered our main stream.  The custom listen links will automatically roll to the 128kb stream if the 192kb or 64kb streams are full.  You have the ability to tune in via a very nice HTML5 player or  you can listen with the app of your choice.  Also on that tune in page is a link where you can download the Stream Licensing app for your Smart Phone (IOS or Android) that will automatically play Flashback Alternatives!

Also – No More Ads!  With the move to StreamLicensing we are no longer required to air any ads (or Public Service Announcements).  FA will be commercial free again!  The one exception is a Pre-roll add that may play.  That is required by StreamLicensing’s new ownership group.

As a result of not having to incorporate ads in the programming, all FA shows will run 1 hr straight.  No more commercial breaks.

Moving back to StreamLicensing is quite honestly not cheap.  Hopefully a new Small Webcasters license will become available soon that will help reduce costs, but until then we are paying the same rates as the Pandora’s of the world.  Any listener support is greatly appreciated.

FA on Radionomy

We will be maintaining a presence on Radionomy – mainly because our iTunes links point there.  There is a basic stream still playing there with a few hundred track playlist.  We are running sweepers directing listeners back to the FA website if they want the full FA experience.

I will be working with iTunes to get our original FA listing (which is still up and pointing to the non-existent Live365 stream) switched to our StreamLicensing stream.

That’s it for now.. as always, thanks for listening to Flashback Alternatives!




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FA News – May 12, 2016

Radionomy News

As many of you are unfortunately aware, Radionomy has Geo-blocked some countries from tuning in to Radionomy streams.  They have communicated very little about what is going on.  This is just the latest of many recent issues with the Radionomy platform.  What started out looking like a good platform for Flashback Alternatives has quickly deteriorated.  In fairness to Radionomy, not all of their issues are their fault, but similar to what was going on towards the end of Live365, communication to the broadcasters about what is happening is piss poor.   So, effective this weekend (probably Friday night), we will be switching our live streams over to a new streaming host in conjunction with licensing via Stream Licensing.  We will be offering  128kb MP3 and 64kb ACC+ streams.   StreamLicensing itself was recently purchased by a radio group but they have said that things will not change – other than the insertion of a pre-roll ad prior to a stream launching.  There will be NO in stream ads.

I will also be maintaining a non-live feed of FA on Radionomy  – mainly because I have iTunes listings pointing to it, but also in case I need to return to Radionomy with the live feed.  I am going to try and have the old Live365 iTunes listing pointed to the new 128kb stream (it still points to a non-existent Live365 stream) as well as get relisted on Tunein.


Some may remember that we use StreamLicensing a few years back prior to moving back to Live365.  StreamLicensing requires all streams to launch from their domain for licensing and royalty purposes.  There will be no direct links to the streams from the FA website.  This just means one extra click.  StreamLicensing does have an HTML player and mobile apps as well.

With the move to becoming quasi-independent again, our costs are going to go up dramatically.   I am hoping to find additional listener support now that the station will be commercial free (although I do have requests to keep the Jill in the Forest PSA.. not).

In addition, I plan to limit listening to 8 hrs – after which you will have to restart the stream.  This is to keep costs down.  I don’t mind paying for actual listeners, but would rather not pay for empty chairs.   Streamrippers will also be blocked and banned.

FA 9:00pm Shows

As a result of moving back with StreamLicensing and not having to worry about commercials, all FA shows will be able to return to a 1 hr format with no interruptions.   It might be a week before everyone can get there shows back into a one hour format, but this will be a welcome change for all.

That’s all for now, and as always, thanks for listening to Flashback Alternatives.



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FA News – May 7th, 2016

FA Unavailable In Canada

Due to what is hopefully only technical issues as Radionomy, listeners in Canada are unable to listen to ANY Radionomy streams.  Instead they are being redirected to a Radionomy run light music station.

I apologize for this but it is out of our hands.  The Radionomy offices have been closed the past few days due to a holiday in Belgium.  This issue will not be resolved until Monday at the earliest.

Flashback Alternatives No Longer Available on TuneIn

Earlier this week all Radionomy streams were removed from Tunein.com at the request of Radionomy.  Radionomy stated this was due to the increase in CRB rates.  This is the same increase that shut Live365 down.

Flashback Alternatives and Radionomy

In light of the above issues, as well as other technical issues with the platform, we are rethinking our future with with Radionomy.  As most of you know, due to the lack of a Small Webcasters Rate, options are slim.  Currently it is either Radionomy – or Stream Licensing – which was recently sold to a larger organization.

With StreamLicensing, our costs would go up substantially, but we would not have to run advertising, other than a pre-roll add which is about to be introduced by the new owners of StreamLicensing.  Streams would also have to be launched via a page hosted on the StreamLicensing domain and not from the FA website directly.   There may be some other limitations on what players could be used (both on PC and Smartphone Apps).  I will be getting clarification on that next week.

The results of that conversation and what (if any) announcements are made by Radionomy next week, will determine next steps for FA.   There are also rumblings that we may have a voice in Congress that will go to bat for the Small Webcasters.  More on that as information becomes available.

In other news….

Around 500 new tracks were added to the FA library bringing the number of tracks in the FA library to over 41,100 – all available via our request system – with a lot more to come!

The June Artist of the Month poll is up!  Be sure to vote!

As always, thanks for listening to Flashback Alternatives!





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FA News – January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

Station News

Hopefully you were able to catch the FA New Year’s Eve Dance Party on New Year’s Eve, or the repeats on New Year’s Day.  Some great music by the fine FA DJ’s.  You will be able to hear these shows On Demand on Mixcloud.  Links to the shows will be posted on the FA Website.

As I have been posting the past couple of weeks, Flashback Alternatives has made the transition over to Radionomy.  Our TuneIn link is now pointing correctly, but our iTunes link is not.  I hope that is resolved this week now that the holidays are past us.  Since the iTunes link is still pointing to Live365, and since Live365 is still operational (see below), I have decided to keep the two Live365 streams up and running until Live365 decides what they are doing.  I ask that you use the Radionomy streams and not the Live365 streams as I need to quickly increase the number of listener hours on Radionomy.  In addition, there are many more ways to listed on FA on Radionomy than on Live365.


Much to the confusion of many Live365 broadcasters, Live365 did not turn off Personal and x5000 broadcasters on 12/31.  The original thought was that stations under these packages would be turned off if they didn’t go Pro.  That does not appear to be the case – and Live365 may let everything run as is until either they find a buyer/investor or they go out of business at the end of January.  Unless something changes before then – or until our iTunes listing is converted to Radionomy – we will continue to broadcast the FA streams to Live365.

FA Artist of the Month – Feb 2016

We are testing out a new polling platform this month, and have also extended voting out to our Facebook Group and Twitter Feed.  Links to the poll were posted over the weekend.  Some great choices this month, so vote!

  • The Alarm / Alphaville
  • Wire Train / Yaz
  • Sugarcubes / David Sylvian
  • A Certain Ratio / Adam Ant

You can also vote here! -> http://goo.gl/CVsn9j

Final Thoughts

As we head into our 17th year of broadcasting Flashback Alternatives, hopefully all involved will see the value in the small / independent / hobbyist broadcaster and come to an agreement that will allow these broadcasters to continue in an affordable manner.  The diversity of what you are able to listen to depends on it.

As always, thanks for listening to Flashback Alternatives!



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FA News – December 29, 2015

Radionomy Migration

Our migration over to Radionomy is just about complete.  We have requests in to convert our iTunes and Tunein.com links to point to our Radionomy stream.  I am hopeful these changes will be made in the next day or two.

If you normally tune in to Flashback Alternatives via iTunes and Tunein please visit the flashbackalternatives.com website to tune in.  You can also tune in directly using the following links:

Winamp/iTunes/Other Players:


Windows Media Player:


Our Radionomy Station page (has built in player):


I encourage everyone to use the Radionomy streams as soon as possible.  The sooner we reach an average of 130 listening hours per day, the sooner the 64kb AAC+ stream will become available to us.   130 listening hour per day is a fraction of the number of listening hours per day we normally average.

Live365 Update

With only a few days left until major changes come to Live365, Live365 has been very silent.  There have been no public announcements about the future of Live365.  (Update: Live365 Press Release) From what has been posted in the Live365 Broadcaster forums by other broadcasters, starting on January 1, 2016 at 3am (ET) / December 31, 2015 at Midnight (PT) all stations will be moved to their Pro platform.

Their Pro platform is not very cost effective – Prices start at $39.95 per month on a one year contact.  That price only includes 1000 free listening streaming hours.   We use considerably more than that each month.  Even their top tier Pro package at $199 per month wouldn’t include enough free hours.   If we continued with Live365 we would be looking at a monthly bill in excess of $1000 per month at our current listening rates.

The other option with Live365 is to limit the number of free listening slots and have listeners subscribe to the Live365 VIP program ($5.95 per month / $59.95 per year).  At the $39.95 Pro Package that would mean we could offer one free listener slot – essentially requiring anyone who wanted to listen to purchase a VIP subscription.  Depending on how Live365 handles the transition, we may continue to broadcast to Live365 but in VIP mode only.  They would have to allow stations to continue to broadcast Live (as Flashback Alternatives has done pretty much since day one) in VIP mode for us to consider staying.   The likelihood of that happening is small.

Live365 has been a major player in internet radio since its infancy and it is sad to see things have to end this way.

To that end, please consider signing the below petition that is attempting to bring attention to the situation small and hobbyist are now facing:


Your support is appreciated!



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