FA News – May 7th, 2016

FA Unavailable In Canada

Due to what is hopefully only technical issues as Radionomy, listeners in Canada are unable to listen to ANY Radionomy streams.  Instead they are being redirected to a Radionomy run light music station.

I apologize for this but it is out of our hands.  The Radionomy offices have been closed the past few days due to a holiday in Belgium.  This issue will not be resolved until Monday at the earliest.

Flashback Alternatives No Longer Available on TuneIn

Earlier this week all Radionomy streams were removed from Tunein.com at the request of Radionomy.  Radionomy stated this was due to the increase in CRB rates.  This is the same increase that shut Live365 down.

Flashback Alternatives and Radionomy

In light of the above issues, as well as other technical issues with the platform, we are rethinking our future with with Radionomy.  As most of you know, due to the lack of a Small Webcasters Rate, options are slim.  Currently it is either Radionomy – or Stream Licensing – which was recently sold to a larger organization.

With StreamLicensing, our costs would go up substantially, but we would not have to run advertising, other than a pre-roll add which is about to be introduced by the new owners of StreamLicensing.  Streams would also have to be launched via a page hosted on the StreamLicensing domain and not from the FA website directly.   There may be some other limitations on what players could be used (both on PC and Smartphone Apps).  I will be getting clarification on that next week.

The results of that conversation and what (if any) announcements are made by Radionomy next week, will determine next steps for FA.   There are also rumblings that we may have a voice in Congress that will go to bat for the Small Webcasters.  More on that as information becomes available.

In other news….

Around 500 new tracks were added to the FA library bringing the number of tracks in the FA library to over 41,100 – all available via our request system – with a lot more to come!

The June Artist of the Month poll is up!  Be sure to vote!

As always, thanks for listening to Flashback Alternatives!






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FA News – December 20, 2015

Happy Holidays!

Last week the new webcasting licensing rates were released by the CRB.  While they were favorable to the larger webcasters, such as Pandora, they were not as favorable to smaller operations, such as Live365 – which is the service Flashback Alternatives uses to broadcast.

Of equal importance to the webcast rates is the renewal of the Small Webcaster Agreement.  This is a separate agreement offered by SoundExchange that makes webcasting affordable for Small / Hobbyist Webcasters.  This is a key foundation to the broadcast package Flashback Alternatives is part of on Live365.  This agreement expires on 12/31/15.

According to various sources, on Monday, 12/21/15, SoundExchange is going to make an announcement on the fate of the SWA.   Without the SWA many internet radio stations will go silent as they will not be able to afford to broadcast.

Small Webcasters are an important part of radio as they serve niche musical tastes that aren’t accommodated by the larger players.   They also are important to artists who may not get airtime anywhere else.  Small / hobbyist webcasters broadcast for the love of the music – not to make money.  In many cases small/hobbyist broadcasters spend more to run their operations than what they may receive in the form of listener contributions.  This is not a business for us – and hopefully SoundExchange continues to recognize that by renewing the SWA.

You can follow along with what is going on with the process on R.A.I.N.

With that said, I am actively looking at other options, and I have identified two that should work for Flashback Alternatives.  In both cases some advertising would need to be inserted into the stream (2 – 2 min blocks), and some modifications would need to be made to the specialty shows to accommodate this requirement.  Other than that and a few changes to the listen links, we should be able to continue to broadcast as is regardless whether the SWA is renewed.

I will update everyone as soon as I have more news.

As always, thanks for listening to Flashback Alternatives!




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