FA News – March 26, 2017

Happy Birthday Flashback Alternatives!

On Friday, March 24th, Flashback Alternatives celebrated its 18th year of broadcasting.  FA is one of the longest continuously running Internet Radio stations in the world.  We have had many challenges keeping the station operational all these years, but thanks to the listeners of FA, we have always found a way.  Thank you for being a part of Flashback Alternatives – your home for the Past, Present, and Future of Classic Alternative Music!

Flashback Division

Our sister station, Flashback Division, is now listed on Tunein.com as well as on iTunes.com.  Flashback Division simulcasts the Flashback Alternatives stream at 128kb MP3.  It also has its own Twitter page – #FBDivision.  The Flashback Division website will be updated to include streaming links to TuneIn.com as well as incorporate the TuneIn Web Player.  You can also use the TuneIn Mobile App (available for Android and iOS).

Flashback Alternative Broadcast Software Issues

After yesterday’s Windows and Broadcast software upgrades we ran into an issue with the scheduling component.  As a result, at the suggestion of the broadcast software vendor, we will need to reinstall the software.  This will happen at some point later today (Sunday, March 26th, 2017).  I expect to be offline for about two hours.  Please check the FA or FD websites for more information (it will be posted on the TagBoard).

Flashback Alternatives and Flashback Division Web Sites

Work continues on both the FA and FD websites.  Both sites have the basics in place (Tune In links, Tag Board, Now Playing, and Requests).  The FA site also has a temporary Up Next menu item to see what artists are in the queue.  Watch for new features on both sites in the coming weeks!

Oh Canada!

Both Flashback Alternatives and Flashback Division broadcast from Montreal, Canada as part of the SonixCast network which also handles all licensing via SOCAN.  In addition, the websites for Flashback Alternatives and Flashback Division are also hosted with SonixCast web hosting in Montreal, Canada.


We recently started using CloudFare for the FA and FD websites.  This will allow for faster site response times as well as website security.  We have also added additional website protections within the websites themselves.

As always, thanks for listening to Flashback Alternatives (and Flashback Division).



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FA News – December 18, 2016

Hello FA listeners.  Been a bit since the last FA News post – my apologizes.

Here is what’s new:

Flashback Alternatives removed from Tune In

About two weeks ago I received notice from Tune In that Sony requested Flashback Alternatives be de-listed from Tune In for copyright violation.  The reason was that Tune In still had us listed as a US based station and was probably caught up in a licensing take down BOT.  Back in August you may recall we became part of the SonixCast network.  As we are part of the Sonixcast network we are licensed in Canada through SOCAN.  Flashback Alternative broadcasts through Sonixcast‘s servers in Canada.  We are 100% fully licensed and in compliance.

While there was an opportunity to contest the take down notice, I was informed it would be costly and not worth it, so I had Flashback Alternatives removed completely from Tune In.  I am working on options to have a presence on TuneIn, so stay tuned.  Until then, we are still listed on many services including iTunes and Shoutcast.  You can, of course, also tune in via the FA Website.  For those looking for a mobile app, any app that either supports the Shoutcast directory or where you can manually add a stream will work.  If you need assistance, please reach out to me in chat on the FA Website or via e-mail.

Flashback Alternatives New Years’s Eve Dance Party

Get ready for the Flashback Alternatives New Year’s Dance Party starting at 8pm (ET) on December 31st.  This year’s line up is as follows:

DJ Oldman – 8pm
DJ George in DC – 9pm
DJ Kenny – 10pm
DJ Ed – 11pm
DJ Formadeyde – 12 Midnight
DJ Scarebear Dan – 1 am
DJ Limeygit – 2am

We are always looking for additional shows, so if you are interested, please let me know ASAP.  I can fit in another two shows.  If you are interested in doing a regular show (either weekly or monthly) we have some time slots available.  Feel free to contact me in chat on the FA Website or via e-mail.

As always,thanks for listening to Flashback Alternatives!


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