FA News – January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

Station News

Hopefully you were able to catch the FA New Year’s Eve Dance Party on New Year’s Eve, or the repeats on New Year’s Day.  Some great music by the fine FA DJ’s.  You will be able to hear these shows On Demand on Mixcloud.  Links to the shows will be posted on the FA Website.

As I have been posting the past couple of weeks, Flashback Alternatives has made the transition over to Radionomy.  Our TuneIn link is now pointing correctly, but our iTunes link is not.  I hope that is resolved this week now that the holidays are past us.  Since the iTunes link is still pointing to Live365, and since Live365 is still operational (see below), I have decided to keep the two Live365 streams up and running until Live365 decides what they are doing.  I ask that you use the Radionomy streams and not the Live365 streams as I need to quickly increase the number of listener hours on Radionomy.  In addition, there are many more ways to listed on FA on Radionomy than on Live365.


Much to the confusion of many Live365 broadcasters, Live365 did not turn off Personal and x5000 broadcasters on 12/31.  The original thought was that stations under these packages would be turned off if they didn’t go Pro.  That does not appear to be the case – and Live365 may let everything run as is until either they find a buyer/investor or they go out of business at the end of January.  Unless something changes before then – or until our iTunes listing is converted to Radionomy – we will continue to broadcast the FA streams to Live365.

FA Artist of the Month – Feb 2016

We are testing out a new polling platform this month, and have also extended voting out to our Facebook Group and Twitter Feed.  Links to the poll were posted over the weekend.  Some great choices this month, so vote!

  • The Alarm / Alphaville
  • Wire Train / Yaz
  • Sugarcubes / David Sylvian
  • A Certain Ratio / Adam Ant

You can also vote here! -> http://goo.gl/CVsn9j

Final Thoughts

As we head into our 17th year of broadcasting Flashback Alternatives, hopefully all involved will see the value in the small / independent / hobbyist broadcaster and come to an agreement that will allow these broadcasters to continue in an affordable manner.  The diversity of what you are able to listen to depends on it.

As always, thanks for listening to Flashback Alternatives!




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